Panel Quality Measures

At GNN, panel quality is ensured right from the recruitment process till the completion of projects, from the judicious selection of panellists to ensuring that panel responses are accurate.

All our panel operations run on our proprietary tool which is built on advance analytics engine that allows us to understand and track the behaviour of every panellists registered with us.

We being ESOMAR certified company, it becomes even more important for us to abide by the quality controls and ensure valid responses.

Panel Sourcing and recruitment :

Maintaining consumer trust is essential to effective market, social and opinion research. GNN abides by the globe’s stringent legal, ethical codes and conducts laid by ESOMAR for collecting and analysing online research data

Our specialization lies in creating and servicing online market research panels. Our recruitment and sampling methods ensure the best quality and elicit the correct responses from the audience.

Placement of banner ads to recruit respondents via major websites :GNN recruits members using various methods including placement of web-banners in top websites and authenticated job portals, website referrals, pay-per-click, natural search optimization, affiliate marketing, email, and online public relation activities.

Send profiler surveys via email invitations only :Prohibits professional survey takers as we recruit only validated individuals cross checked against all recruitment sources

Multi-mode verification[triple Opt-in] : After the initial invitation and enrolment, new members are sent follow up mail to validate their email ids along with cross checking of earlier provided information. Roughly 20% of our respondents be will flaged and removed by our system due to inconsistencies in the responses. It would further help us in in-depth profiling.

Mobile number verification : In order to activate account, a panellist has to either verify his email id/phone number. We have now taken these both cases as mandatory. A respondent needs to verify first email id and then mobile number. An automated OTP PIN will be generated and shared on their mobile phones during recruitment and at the time of redemption. Respondents who fail to verify the pin are screened out.

Filter respondents based on survey responses :In order to understand the responsiveness of the newly joined members, a series of dummy surveys will be fielded. This is an ongoing process as we keep removing respondents at every stage based on inconsistencies in their responses.

Digital Fingerprint tool : We have a digital fingerprint tool in built in the system to detect same machine ID and terminate at the onset of the survey to avoid duplicate respondents.

Inattentive, unresponsive, bounced and fake email address : Inactive respondent’s participation will be tracked and followed by a small feedback survey and if he/she doesn’t show any interest we will remove the respondent from the panel.

Unbiased and census population representation.

Panel Maintenance:

We maintain a panel database that we update and enrich on monthly basis. We send out profiling surveys to our respondent every month and stay updated on their changes.

Based on panellist’s responses we segment their profile to Consumers, B2B, Automobiles and Finance segments. We try not to burden our respondents by sending too many surveys, hence based on the research requests we filter and randomly send surveys to only targeted respondents. By enhancing user experience, we are eliminating any bias. This also keeps the burn-out incidents in check & helps maintain evenness.

In order to maintain a healthy, energetic group ready to respond in a moment’s notice, GNN tries to engage on a deeper level to send only personalized surveys specially tailored to each respondent. Also, a part of incentives are allocated to respondents who screen out

Inattentive and unresponsive email addresses will be churned out from the database and it is a continuous process to keep the data up to date.

Survey Invitations:

GNN have segmented its respondents based on their profile.

We also take into account predicted response rates by target demographic and country to avoid over-contacting panellists and try not to introduce a bias in responses.

An email invitation with the link, LOI, reward points will be send to panellists to obtain their feedback on a product or a service.

There is no limitation on survey invitation based on target audience, if a same respondent has already taken 4 surveys per month our internal tool detects and restrict them to participate until next month to avoid biased responses

Sample Management :

Our in-house tool draws sample based on the criteria.

Strict polices have been implemented and followed to monitor/track variables associated with our panel members, including frequency of surveys issued and participation history, length of an interview to check any speeder activity or other type of fraudulent panellists for ad-hoc studies

If a survey is being hosted at client’s end, we do not have any control on how respondent responds to the survey or to an OE response. We recommend our client to implement strict programming logic/trap questions to terminate inattentive respondents and survey checks further to eradicate if any fraudulent activity, post data collection.

Even with the best security measures, if a respondent’s hacks/surpass any security measures [we expect it to be minimal, as per standard 5% of rejections are allowed in an online methodology if cases are genuine] we will raise a ticket against the panellist and take strict action against and remove him/her from panel. We would also be deemed to replace the fraudulent respondents with the new ones.

In the event we are responsible for programming and hosting, we employ our own proactive measures at survey level, including trap questions, straight lining, and open-ended response check along with IP/ID duplication check.

For Offline data collection we can help back check respondent and follow ESOMAR guidelines to back check after 48 hours.

Online methodology will have its own kind of quality challenges since we are not personally administering surveys. All our panel operations run on our proprietary tool which is built on advance analytics engine that allows us to understand and track the behaviour of every panellists registered with us.

We have an in built digital finger print in our system to detect same machine ID and terminate at the onset of the survey to avoid duplicate respondents. No matter how safe, sound and secured a system is, there are professional survey takers who would try to attack the system to earn easy income online, which sometimes are uncontrollable. In an online scenario these kind of bot attacks are normal and which is why we recommend our clients to implement stringent logics and trap questions to minimize these cases and even if they surpass, they will be caught in post data collection checks which could account upto 5% of total sample size.

Panel Engagement :

Engagement of panelists is very critical to the data quality. We take following measure to be engaged with our panelists.

We at GNN recommend our panelists to connect us via different social media platforms.

Share news and personalized birthday wishes to our respondents.

Short profiler surveys to encourage and complete profile.

Easy to redeem incentives

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Entry in Sweepstakes

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For any queries, please feel free to connect with us at : info@gnnresreachgroup.com