Panel Sourcing

Vetted partner affiliate.

Street and Mall intercepts.

Placement of banner ads to recruit respondents from major websites.

Invite these respondents to join Panel Reward via email.

Recruitment Process

Send email invitation to join Panel Reward

Triple opt-in Respondent as per ESOMAR guidelines

Multi-mode verification process i.e. Email, Mobile and in some cases social media account verification, to be considered as Verified Panel Member.

Frequent and robust profiler surveys.

Panel Measures

In built digital finger print tool to eliminate duplicate respondents.

Field dummy surveys and check for inconsistencies in survey responses. Flag and remove anomalies such as speedsters, straight liners etc..

Set quotas as close to census representation in each country.

Track and remove inactive and fake email address.

Panel Management & Segmentation

Encourage respondents to keep profiles updated.

Segment respondents for 40+ categories ranging from demos to speciality attributes such as Hobbies, Travel, Vehicle ownership etc.

Keep respondents engaged via Social Media engagement activities, send feedback surveys etc.

Easy and hassle free reward system.